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                platform weighing scale

                Update: 2019/2/20??????View:
                • Brand: ???TOMS
                • Type: ???TPS/TPQ
                • Order Online

                Ultra-low table with double-lead slope design, with a minimum of 55mm on the table, and anti-slip slope with patterned panel, especially suitable for loading and unloading of forklift or trolley;

                Due to the ultra-low design, the recommended maximum weight is 2t

                The material can be stainless steel or carbon steel;

                * quantity range: 3 tons (special range can be customized according to customer requirements)

                * main configuration: other brands of sensors can be selected as required

                * main functions: ordinary weighing/logistics weighing

                * main features: convenient loading and unloading/high weighing accuracy

                * applicable site: ground/outdoor use/workshop use

                * industrial application: trade/warehousing/logistics

                Item No. precision weighing Mesa dimension
                Carbon steel Stainless steel
                TPQ0808-1.5 TPS0808-1.5 3000/6000 1500KG 800*800mm
                TPQ1010-1.5 TPS1010-1.5 3000/6000 1500KG 1000*1000mm
                TPQ1010-3 TPS1010-3 3000/6000 3000KG 1000*1000mm
                TPQ1212-1.5 TPS1212-1.5 3000/6000 1500KG 1200*1200mm
                TPQ1212-3 TPS1212-3 3000/6000 3000KG 1200*1200mm
                TPQ1515-3 TPS1515-3 3000/6000 3000KG 1500*1500mm

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